5 Tips on Health and Safety With Employees

5 Tips on Health and Safety With Employees

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5 Tips on Health and Safety With Employees

Involving workers in health and safety Practices is a very important part of the working environment to keep everyone healthy and safe. The manager of a Workplace (or Foreman in some cases) Has the most important job of organising and getting employees involved in workplace health and safety

Here Are 5 Tips To achieve just that

1. Giving Information and training

You cannot just Hand out Health and safety information its not good enough to just do that, you need to get involved By Making sure Your Employees Are promoting Health And Safety By following procedures and setting a good example to others. You need to Arrange raining sessions to promote health and safety in the workplace and any new employees need to be Caught up to speed on your current health and safety policies and procedures.

2. Have an appointed representative for health and safety

Health and Safety is the responsibility of both individuals and Management but it is not entirely The Responsibility of the management because they dont have just health and safety to manage they have many other tasks too. It is good to appoint a representative to responsible for a section of the workspace. If your workspace is extremely large you may want to appoint more than 1 person for this. You can do this by involving your workers and setting up a union and appointing one of the workers as the representatives. Give them responsibility for sharing information and training procedures related to the workplace, this representative can then report any issues or matters to the manager(s) of the workplace.

3. Everyone involved from the start

It shows in research that from the beginning if you involve employees in health and safety policies and practices you will have a better response to it. Employees will be invested in the system and more likely to follow the guidelines better than if they were not involved at the beginning. Having a Union And a Representative consulting with all he workers ensures that the continued long term understanding of health and safety policies and practices

4. Feedback

Workers may want to provide suggestions on resolving some health and safety issues so it is important to take that feedback on board. What is also important is to discuss the Suggestions with higher management and be sure to give the employee feedback about it. If employees feel that they are being listened to they will certainly engage more in situations concerning health and safety matters.

5. Walk the walk

Be sure to regularly do walks around the workplace Taking notes and assessing situations of potential health and safety hazards. Its one thing giving instructions to employees, but its another to actually see if they are being followed. Also there may be a situation where you have decided to tackle an issue in a certain way but when you actually see it you may decide actually this is not a great way to do this we need to reassess this problem and come up with a new solution.

Be sure to try and also observe the workplace for other potential hazards that you may have not yet seen or desalt with so you can discuss it in the next health and safety meeting. You need to take care that you are not seeming like you are just watching the workers, making sure they are doing their jobs correctly as your employees will not like that so be subtle about it. Maybe just write things down you observe and then discreetly and briefly discuss it or discuss it in an office later.

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