Breakthrough Technology in Disposable Masks By BLS

Breakthrough Technology in Disposable Masks By BLS

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Breakthrough Technology in Disposable Masks By BLS

A lot of people talk about masks saying “i cant breathe properly” or “the mask keeps fogging up” or “my mask doesn’t fit my face properly” or These comments are often made to mask manufacturers and asked to address them. Other issues such as masks filling up with moisture and some masks don’t filter very well are also tasks that manufacturers have to face when developing masks.

FFP3 Disposable masks with higher filtration, contain more layers and the wearer experiences higher resistances when breathing. This makes breathing more of a task until now there has been new developments in such masks which changes their characteristics.

The BLS Zero offers both Maximum protection and the ability to breathe easily. They have the protection of FFP3 with the breathing resistance of FFP1

Better Comfort Than Other Masks

The problem of breathing is made much easier with a much lighter membrane, combined with a new type of valve with 30% wider aperture to exhaust exhaled gasses far more efficiently. This allows breathing resistance to be reduced significantly and comes in line with the easy breathing ability of FFP1 masks.

Breathable and water resistant

The BlS Zer0 is water repellant and performs very well in environments with high humidity, Making it more comfortable for the wearer especially in hot conditions. The mask is breathable whilst also allowing the wearer to breathe easily without the mask getting full of moisture whilst breathing.

Innovative harnessing of nanofiltration

BLS Have a nano filtration system in their masks that is a combination of mechanical filtration material and electrostatic filtration which ensures a much better filtration of nano particles vs its competitors equivalent masks.

Excellent Fitting

The BLS Zer0 has a foam material gasket which will give a good seal on your face whilst also fitting the contours of just about anyone’s face to give you maximum protection against dirt, dust, liquids and nano particles whilst also protecting against mechanical stress caused by prolonged use so it keeps you protected over a long period of time.


The BLS Zer0 mask offers some great features and addresses some concerns of customers who are looking to buy such respiratory masks. This product seems to be one of the best on the market right now especially with its claim of being a FFP3 mask whilst offering the breathability of a FFP1. This is probably the second most concern in FFP3 masks after the ability of the filtration is taken into account. Many other benefits of this mask will appeal to many companies seeking PPE masks such as this one.

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