Choosing Respiratory Protective Equipment

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Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) Must be CE Certified in order for it to be used in a workplace. The CE mark is designed to demonstrate that the equipment is made to meet a standard that has a minimum requirement Made by law.

If you are an employer you are responsible for purchasing RPE for your workers where it is a necessity to your employees to do their job. RPE products are designed for all kinds of different jobs, it is important that you select the right RPE for the job. The right RPE will protect the wearer from dangerous hazards substances and work environments.

You can find help choosing the right equipment there is an online tool y ou can use so that you can find out which type of RPE you need to purchase. Here is a link Just answering a few questions about your work environment, hazards and substances can help you to choose exactly what you need.

Being exposed to dangerous substances is a lot more common than you think. In the UK and Europe more than 15% of workers are exposed to dangerous substances such as smoke, dust and chemicals. Dangerous substances can cause a wide variety of different health problems so its important that the right respiratory protective equipment is used in such environments

There are many jobs that require you to Need To wear respiratory equipment in the UK here are a list of some different types of jobs that need RPE.

  • Spray painters
  • medical use such as handling bio hazardous materials
  • handling hazardous materials such as chemicals
  • Welding and fabrication
  • fire brigade

These Are just a few There Are many more types of jobs that require RPE

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