10 X Sanitiser Alcohol Free Long Lasting Protection 100ml £2.60 Per Bottle


100ml Alcohol free hand sanitiser

  • Long lasting quantity Used once a day will last for more than 2 months
  • Kills 99.99% of viruses & bacteria
  • Passed skin irritation tests
  • CE Certified

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10 Bottles 100ml Sanitiser

Offering 24-hour protection when sprayed on surfaces such as: Door knobs & handles, steering wheels, shopping trolley handles, bus seats and work surfaces etc. Long lasting Use once every 24 hours.

Tested by SGS, Microbac, and BOKEN laboratories.Very fine DEW like spray system It uses minimum quantity and feels beautiful Protects hands for many hours till washed.This product is so much better and safer to use than the alcoholic substitutes No fire hazard when left in car or anywhere No more dry hands Passed all skin irritation tests! More than 10 days lasting protection when used on your Steering wheel, Mobile Phone, Computer keyboard, surfaces, Children’s Toys, Joysticks, on the plane, train etc. Apply a small amount into palms and spread onto both hands. Rub hands together briskly until dry.

The charge in this product will pull the bacterial cell membrane, which will cause the cell membrane to rupture and lead to the death of the bacteria.

Active ingredients Titanium dioxide 1.00% Silver 0.02%

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Comprehensive Data sheet for our Ultimate Sanitiser

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The current recommendation is for sanitisers to have an alcohol percentage of at least 60% to be effective against viruses, including Covid 19 / Coronavirus. Instant hand sanitizer gel more than meets this criteria.